CF Kids Care Logo

We created a dynamic logo for a Florida Mega Church Children’s Ministry. Colorful & cheerful focused on kids!

Happy Balloons Logo

“Happy Balloons” is a Dutch company dedicated to the decoration of parties and events with balloons. The client requested us to do a logo that was not so colorful, but reflecting the main intention of the company, its initial approach was a very colorful logo would only be focused on children.┬áHad to include the phrase “Let’s Make a Party!”

EXS Logo

EXS was a project that was planned to create a new line of accessories for women. We perform the proposed logo and we take this proposal to a 3D model to show the customer how it would look on a more realistic presentation.

GlobalCredi & Consorcio Global Ads

“Global Credi” and “Consorcio Global” are a group of car financing companies, they originally needed a lot of print advertising. For this they turned to us for a dynamic and modern solution that will show to future clients a new brand image. We designed various flyers and advertising for magazines in several formats.