Logo Design

EXS Logo

EXS was a project that was planned to create a new line of accessories for women. We perform the proposed logo and we take this proposal to a 3D model to show the customer how it would look on a more realistic presentation.

Counseling and Neurotherapy Associates


Counseling and Neurotherapy Associates this year (2013) decided to change its corporate image. We made the new logo with a new brand image, and adapt its website to the new design. They use multiple effective treatment methods to help people achieve their goals, so that the design of the content must be visible and comprehensible to the general public. The requirement for the logo was that it had to be simple, concise and easy to understand. We did the job just by combining some lines and using a typeface with […]



Fisicones.com is a website dedicated to fitness training and nutrition articles. The project was made to create an online magazine and for this, we created the logo, the overall image of the website, and was developed entirely in WordPress. The “Look & Feel” of the website was to be dynamic and attractive, it had to be integrated with social networks, allowing the publication of videos and manage different categories for articles. We handle the management and maintenance of this website, as well as the development of each […]

Cambridge Language College


Cambridge Language College (CALACOUK.COM) is a project from investors located in the UK interested in creating an English language school in the city of Cambridge. We were contacted by “Global Eventos” (Venezuela) for the job, which was based on a prototype to manage the online school. Our job was to make logo, web design and user interface. Our proposal was to use WordPress as a content management system as well as the installation of a “Booking System”. Global Eventos gave us the complete project management, we […]